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Rental Property Management London Ontario


Rental Property Management London

When placing a property up for rent, the major concern is finding the right tenants. Renting to the wrong tenants can become a nightmare. This is a nuanced field and doing it properly requires patience, intuition, and great interpersonal skills.

We will find a tenant that will treat your home like their own. We provide extensive tenant screening while treating each applicant like our only customer. Few companies get the tenant screening process right, which will ultimately affect how successful you are with your investment. We are investors as well and understand the emotions involved in making this major decision to entrust a tenant with one of your most valuable assets.

We also understand that vacant rental units are very costly for property owners and we strive to place quality tenants quickly and ensure they are right for you. We specialize in condominium and residential dwellings for both long-term and short-term rentals as well as un-furnished and furnished units. Time is your worst enemy when faced with a vacant unit, our expertise in setting the right approach and getting things right and cost effectively the first time around is our biggest differentiator.

We are proud of our track record and value the TRUST our clients instill in us.

Our comprehensive Residential Rental Services include:

Tenant Selection

We pride ourselves in our one of a kind recruitment and selection process. Decisions are based on a proven and sound rationale from a host of pre-determined and preferred selection criteria. This ensures that we are selecting the ideal candidate for your condo or home and also that the tenant is situated in a place where they will be happy and comfortable.

As property managers, ensuring the contentment of both owner and renter, we create an ideal situation for property management. The owner can rest assured that the tenant selected to lease their property has similar values to theirs and will take care of their condo or house in a way that is conducive to the long term goals they have for their property.

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