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First Choice Property Management ensures your property is in the right hands. Eviction rates, damaged property, and rent default are problems usually faced by landlords. We perform an extensive tenant screening process to reduce the issues and make living easier for both you and the tenant.

tenant forms

How does our tenant screening process work?

Why choose us?

Thorough Screening for Fewer Risks

Tenant screening is a great way to ensure that your house does not end up in the wrong hands and get damaged. At First Choice, we have curated an application form that manages to gather complete details from a potential tenant to ensure extensive analysis. This helps mitigate risk.

Verification is a Priority for Us

Our aptly designed application form allows us to perform an in-depth check of a tenant’s background while complying with fair housing laws. Every applicant is screened with the details they have provided. Mentioned references, income details, and credit scores are verified in the most reliable way.

We Let You Receive Only the Best

The multilevel system we follow, allows us to filter the applicants and provide you with the best. Our method of processing and checking applicants before providing the client with the final list has helped save time and energy efficiently. Our team always factors in the preferences of the client as well.

We Help You Complete Your Due Diligence

Ensuring that you have the right tenant is the due diligence of every landlord. Leasing your property without the right screening process could expose it to damage and you may have to face rent collection issues. First Choice helps you perform the necessary checks and reduce the chances of such occurrences.

Right Reports at The Right Time for The Right Decision

Our extensive verification process allows us to access a multitude of data. The dedicated team of professionals at First Choice compiles the necessary details relating to the best applicants for perusal by the client. This facilitates in quicker decision-making. We work hard so you can make the right choice easily.

Retain Occupancy and Reduce Vacancies

A major benefit of our thorough screening process is tenant retention. We help you find the right tenant, thereby ensuring higher retention rates, lesser rent collection issues, and reduced vacancies. It helps you make more profits and keep your property occupied with ease.

Customer Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Experience along with a professional and methodical team has helped us become one of the finest property management firms in Ontario. We constantly put our clients first. The policy we follow at First Choice ensures our team stays connected with you and helps you through every process in the best way possible.

Make the right choice for tenant screening with First Choice Property Management.

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