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Once a property is rented and the tenant is settled in their new home, we continue developing the relationship to ensure effective lessee and tenant relations. We also believe that properly maintaining your property will contribute towards retaining the value of your real estate asset. We work closely with tenants and proactively address issues that may lead to costly service calls if ignored. We are committed to excellence when it comes to this vital aspect of property management. Our expertise in coordinating and ensuring maintenance and repair jobs are done in a timely manner and cost-effectively is one of our biggest differentiators. We utilize the best tradespeople at the most reasonable rates. Our Residential Management Services program covers: condominiums, townhomes, single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and multiplex residential properties.

We are available 24/7/365 days a year to make sure tenants are well taken care of and your investment is protected. We strive to deliver outstanding results to both landlords and tenants alike and work hard to ensure they have a one of a kind experience when working with us.

 Our comprehensive Residential Management Services include:

When dealing with other property management issues, such as housekeeping and maintenance, community reporting, and other clerical tasks, strict attention to detail from property managers is required in order to provide the best service possible to tenants and residents. Having someone on-call to handle emergency issues is also important, so residents know that they have somewhere to turn when building problems arise, even after hours. Complying with all of these requirements can become difficult to keep up with, which is why hiring a professional property management company like ‘First Choice Property Management’ is key for communities wanting to maintain profitability. It is also important for keeping tenants and residents happy and maintaining a high quality of life in London’s various communities. Contact First Choice Property Management to get the best quality Residential and Business Property Management in London, Ontario.

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